We’re finally at #1! This is the one that started it all! Directed by Walt Disney, drawn by Ub Iwerks, scored by Carl Stalling. After more than 85 years, it’s one of the most recognizable cartoons, despite having no famous characters. Based on an idea from Stalling that Disney produce some cartoons that would be music-driven rather character-driven (like the Mickey cartoons, which started the previous year), The Skeleton Dance would be the first of 75 incredible cartoons. The series would be the sandbox for the greatest animators of the 1930s and the starting point for incredible composers like Frank Churchill, Leigh Harline, and Bert Lewis.

If you’re at the D23 Expo today, you have the opportunity to see a 32-piece orchestra perform several of the Silly Symphonies – and you can pre-order the amazing vinyl box set and walk away with a 10″ single featuring Three Little Pigs on one side and The Skeleton Dance on the other.